Fees and Benefits

10,000:- Sek / year.

  • The right to have 3 persons attending WSAG events
  • Active participation in the planning of WSAG member activities.
  • The option to host a WSAG activity.
  • To be mentioned as Sponsor in all WSAG communication including activities and at the WSAG web site.
  • To communicate and market the WSAG sponsorship on the Sponsor’s own web site.
  • To participate in VIP-luncheons in connection with WSAG activities.
2,000:- Sek  / year.

  • The right to have 3 persons attending WSAG events.
  • Company name and website address in the membership list.
400:- Sek / year.

  • Personal membership.
  • The right to attend our events.
200:- Sek / year.

  • Personal membership. The right to attend WSAG events.
  • Maximum 28 years of age, and enrolled in a University or similar education program.

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To apply for membership please fill in the form and “click” the Apply button.
Pay in the amount for the membership you apply for to;

Bankgiro No.; 428-0707,
account holder, West Sweden Asia Gateway.

Swish: 123 500 1441

Org. No: 802476-9724.

State your name / company name and e-mail address on the paymentslip.

Once we have received your application and payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.

It is important that you fill in your complete information so that we register you correctly.
All our correspondence will be by e-mail, so it is vital that we do get your correct e-mail address
on both the form and your membership payment.

If you are interested in our Sponsors program, please contact us, and we will give you full information about our Sponsors benefits and agreement.

If any questions do not hesitate to contact us on; info@wsagateway.org